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Father’s Day Special

Children these days may be living a problematic life. Many teenagers become drug addict, other engaged in various types of promiscuity, while some even take their own life. Even when it is sometimes difficult to point out the cause of these, a great factor is hen their fathers don’t do what a father must do.

According to the Christian Holy Book, the father is the foundation of a house. No matter how solid the roofs are or how beautiful the interior of a house, but if the foundation is weak, then the whole house would easily collapse. In the same way, when the father is not weak or responsible enough to stand up for his family, then there a great chance for at least one of the family members to be emotionally or spiritually devastated.

But didn’t you know that the Bible also talks about the evidence of gods existence? And while this is true, there’s always a hope to fix the life of the kids as well as the fathers.
The story of Noah and the ark can give us insights on how to be a strong foundation for our families. Read now and find out more!

The Life of Noah

A message from God came to Noah that a devastating flood will come to destroy all life forms. He informed all people but no one believed him except his family. Eventually, the flood came and the only people who were saved ere his family and many pairs of animals. So how did Noah manage to keep going even hen people did not believed him and mocked him? How did he proved himself as a strong foundation of his family? Read below to find out more!

Noah and God had a deep relationship

Great fathers always have an intimate relationship with God. Many instances that fathers are clueless on things that should be done but only when establishing a strong relationship with God could clear things up as he’ll be able to hear God’s instructions just like Noah.

Listening and Taking Action

Because Noah is intimate with his Creator, he can easily hear God’s calling. In addition to that, he obeyed!

Noah give importance to the future

Faith gave Noah to think about the present and the future. Knowing that God is with him, he was willing to build an ark no matter how difficult it is and saved his entire family members.

Everyone who father’s a child is called blessed. It may not be easy be its doable when you believe in the evidence of gods existence. There can be an internet site that could help you learn become a good and responsible father to your children. Moreover, on this site you may find out how to deal with other sorts of problems as well. Take time to use the search engine and receive your blessings.

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