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Ways To Use The EMP Bags

When it comes to having EMP bags, it’s important to know how to use them in the first place. It’s also necessary for you to be able to choose the right size for the EMP bags that you need. If you want more info about the EMP bags, searching for them online should do the trick. You can also view here for the different size options.

Knowing more about emp protection

EMP generation is something that comes from certain sources. The most common EMP source is the sun. However, even though it’s really powerful, EMP from the sun can’t reach the planet earth. Another source of EMP is the manmade ones. This is why the term electromagnetic bomb is a real thing. With that said, you can read more about its effects if you’re somewhat curious. If you’re wondering how EMP bags are useful, then this article will help you realize how useful they are.

Still, you should at least know that conductive materials permeate the energy from the EMP. You should also know more about the EMP blast radius since it’s basically a dead zone for all electronic equipment. Nearby conductors and powerlines also affect the EMP radius and tend to extend it further in certain cases. While EMP does not have any effect on one’s physiology, having an electronic implant can be dangerous for someone. With that said, having an emp proof gear is necessary when it comes to dealing with materials that can emit EMPs that are powerful enough to cripple electronics. If you’re interested, this company should be able to show you the different emp proof gears that are needed to counter the effects of the pulse.

The benefit of knowing this information

One thing that you should know is that an electromagnetic pulse from a solar flare has about fifty decibels of gamma radiation. The emp bag is needed to ensure that the fifty decibels would just become six decibels. As you might already know, 6 decibels of EMP is not enough to cripple the electronics. The same principle applies when it comes to EMP bombs. Still, you should know that there are also stronger EMP bombs.

If you want to know how emp bags filter out the pulse, you can see that here!

It’s already been revealed that super EMP bombs can unleash a devastating 80 decibels of electromagnetic pulse. Still, nesting the emp bags has proven to block higher amounts of gamma radiation. So in order to nullify the effects of the super-EMP bomb, the emp bags must have double the layers or at least nested within each other.

In any event, having the emp bags is something that’s necessary especially for the military.